JK County

Located in King mariout, Alexendria, John Kassar county is a bio county with activities and leisure.

JK County located on a 79269 m2 of land. The project is about a county with many different and attractive leisure activities. It contains chalets, gym, spas, clubhouses, swimming pools, soccer pitches, tennis courts and other activities. Surrounding a zone of chalets engulfed by water features.

JK County has many activities for kids that includes workshops where kids would learn carpentry, drawing, sculpting and sciences. Also playgrounds equipped with the most interesting new games for kids.

For sport there are various activities including swimming pool, squash,Diving, soccer, Tennis, Horse riding, gyms, Calisthenics.

There are also many leisure activities: Swimming pools for families, bowling centers, mazes, trampolines, Zorbing, paintball, SPAs, stargazing and skytrex.

Then there are the social activities that are BBQ near the lake, restaurants, clubhouses


Chalets are made with vaults having a free form mass saving us the extra material in structure, foundation and material usage. They also have water going beneath its terraces and ivy over the roof which gives them a great blend with the surrounding nature.

Workshops were inspired by the clusterization of snake scales and how they come together and form one object using bio learning from nature.

The seafood restaurant was made of wood and open on all façade yet it’s solar carved to not let direct sunlight in despite being open using calculation with the sun.

The rural area restaurant was created by physics to support itself as a vault without the need of columns and beams with water features going through the middle proving good experience for the users.

The camp units are inspired by the famous 3d nesting problem where it was found out that tetra-decahedrons were the best in saving space in 3d environments and thus the camp was designed on that concept with fireplaces in the middle.

The cafeteria is designed to be a landmark and house a plaza in front of it. It was also optimized and carved according to sun angles and radiation.

Squash and diving center were design with steps for people to sit in and watch the matches going inside the squash areas. It was solar carved to reduce radiation to the minimum.

The business center was made after using the sunangles to make the form itself with the least radiation. Also the form was made into struts of wood to reduce radiation even further with space itself inside the struts of wood.

The gym spas and vernacular chalets are design environmentally inspired by the infamous Hassan fathy design with vernacular domes and arches to get the best weather out of nature.

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