Immersive Technology Center

Located in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. We are to design an Immersive Center with special features and assets that go beyond the highest standards and use the highest tech in teaching and in spaces.

The ITC places 2818 m2 on a land of 7310 m2 in the middle of a forest, 2 lakes from each sides that make great views and on a high land. With its open space classes users are allowed to move in an urban open space instead of a closed one which is very convenient in tropical areas. Also the whole center is roofed with a vault with porosity that protects the open spaces from sun radiations, protects them from rains and provides excellent ventilation which gives the users best of both worlds, the benefits of the open spaces and the closed spaces combined in one place.

The school is designed to meet the highest standards and the highest tech available now for education including 3D classes where users have computers that work in 3D instead of 2d images, VR classes where students would VR goggles to experience learning in real-time, 7D theaters where student experience all aspects of nature within their space and the spherical projection sky dome that projects 360 pictures in for all to see.


To design the open spaces were laid out in the environment having the landscape as the corridors and the spaces in between which give the users the relaxing feeling of being in nature also provide much better weather overall.

For the roof it was made in a way that panels are closed over the corridors to protect from rain. At the same time, the panels are transparent so they let sunlight in. On the other hand, the panels over plants are open which lets air get in the space much better.

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