Aqua City & Yacht Club - KSA

Located on an island on the upper west coast of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government seeks to invest in islands along the west coastline to increase its tourism.


The Saudi Island places 298136 m2 of dry land surrounded by water from all sides. The project was about building a pavilion on an isolated island with least modification the land of the island. Using vaulted structures and special composite materials The Saudi Island was allowed to have a greener environment. The Saudi island consists of amusement zones for kids and adults that involve water games.


In order to accomplish the process, we had to make collaboration between design and coding. An algorithm of AI swarm was created in order to find the best spot to place our building. Where slopes are not too steep and where water can flow freely for water games without the need of digging.


To reduce material use in the structure, physical relaxation and optimization were used to minimize the loads using structure analyzers and physics engines. The resulting structure requires much Less reinforcement and thus much less material.


Solid and Void were designed according to environment where is solid is most at high radiation areas during summer and void is in the least radiated areas to provide enough daylight and use less artificialLighting.

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